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pollution, Environment, Researchers,  endangered, BuRec, fishEnvironmentpollution, Environment, Researchers,  endangered, BuRec, fish

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Researchers found prenatal exposure to high concentrations of air pollution can negatively effect a persons IQ. Director of the Columbia Center and Researcher Frederica Perera, said about prenatal exposure to pollution and a lower IQ, "These findings are of concern because these decreases in IQ could be educationally meaningful in terms of school performance,"(18 ).

Federal biologists had to reconsider several decisions on endangered mice, flies and the Canada lynx, because it was discovered that the appointee from the Bush (Jr) Administration had improperly influenced there decisions. Director of the Fish and Wildlife Dale Hall said "It's a blemish, I believe, on the scientific integrity of the Fish and Wildlife Service and the Department of the Interior,"(19 ).

The (Bush Jr) administration seems to have a problem with facts when they didn't jive with the administration's. Michael Kelly, a biologist who had served at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Marine Fisheries Service for nine years, resigned his position, saying, "I speak for many of my fellow biologists who are embarrassed and disgusted by the agency's apparent misuse of science." Robert Paine, an ecologist at the University of Washington who chaired an advisory panel on endangered salmon and trout, said his team was warned by the government to remove facts that undermined policy. "We were told to strip out specific scientific recommendations or see our report end up in a drawer,"(20 ).

Klamath River in Oregon was one of the richest rivers for Coho Salmon on the west coast. This river also had the Iron Gate Dam. This dam is part of an irrigation project. In charge of this project is the Bureau of Reclamation (BuRec). BuRec is part of the US Department of Interior. BuRec, wanted more water for irrigation from the Dam. After a hurried three month, a "preliminary report," from the National Research Council (NRC)was released on January 2002. It said, they didn't have enough evidence that the lower water levels would harm the Salmon. Also they also found that the level proposed by Burec lacked sound scientific basis. Instead of waiting for more concrete evidence on the impact lower water levels in the river and the Salmon. Interior Secretary Gale Norton ordered Burec to go head and meet the irrigation needs. The end result of the lower river levels was worst fish kill in the history of the Klamath River (21 ).

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pollution, Environment, Researchers,  endangered, BuRec, fish