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President Bush's (Jr) science advisor Dr. John H. Marburger had his position demoted in the Whitehouse. The national science adviser-, who heads the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) had been a near-cabinet-level position. Until the demotion. D. Allan Bromley a Yale nuclear physicist and former science advisor under Bush's father said "they don't need that level of scientific input."(1 ).

To back his stand on stem cell research, President Bush (Jr) had a photo op who dozens of parents with babes in arms. The parents adopted these children who were frozen embryos of other coupled. Bush proclaimed "These children here today remind us that there is no such thing as a spare embryo,". Despite this proclamation Bush didn't say embryos are destroyed all the time (2 ).

Bush (jr) appointee former civilian chief of the Army Corps of Engineers Michael Parker resigned 18 months into Bush's first term. The reason for the resignation was disloyalty, Parker was publicly of Bush's (jr) budget(3 ).

Before hurricane Katrina Bush (Jr)sought to repeatedly cut Army Corps of Engineers' funding request to improve levees holding back Lake Pontchartrain (the levee that broke and flooded New Orleans ) Michael Parker said "You have watched during a period of 72 hours a modern city of New Orleans [become] a Third World country, and it is all because of the disintegration of infrastructure," Parker also said. "Everybody is to blame -- it transcends administrations. It transcends party."(4 ).