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Eugenics wasn't a concept started by Hitler. Eugenics was a movement that crossed the globe. Sweden introduced Eugenics about the same time as the Nazis, and left the laws on the books until the 1970's. Between 1935 to 1976 60,000 Swedes were sterilized, these included children of racially mixed parents, people who had people with "gypsy features", unwed mothers with a lot of Children, habitual criminals and even a boy deemed "sexually precocious.". The Danes had Eugenics laws even before the Nazi and they were left on the books until 1967. 11,000 Danes where sterilized more than half against their will. The Finns sterilized 11,000 people, with 4,000 involuntary abortions performed between 1945 and 1970. Norwegians sterilized 2,000. The Swiss had a law that allowed compulsory sterilization of the mentally handicapped that was on the books until the 1970s (1 ).

The Nazi used California's sterilization practices as models for the Nazi Regime. American Eugenics expert Harry Laughlin was invited to international conference on eugenics in Germany (2 ).

The Rockefeller Foundation in Germany funded the work of Ernest Rudin who's work in eugenics was published in American Journals. The foundation also supported the work in eugenics work of German scientist Eugen Fischer, who led the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Human Heredity and Eugenics in the early 1930s(3 ).

Hitler told Reich Physician Gerhard Wagner in 1935 could only start killing the handicapped under the cover of the coming war (4 ).

Hitler was made aware of a father who wanted to put his badly disabled child by an SS Officer. Hitler authorized this and started a program of mercy killing of the handicapped. The program was called `Aktion T4' and was headed by Philipp Bouhler and a medical expert Dr Karl Brandt. The location of the program was a house that was seized from a German Jew. The program was started in July-August of 1939.(5 ).

German psychiatrist Ernst Rudin has been called the architect of the Nazi sterilization laws. His mission was supported by a powerfully lobby of physicians, psychiatrists, and welfare, church, and community groups (6 ).

German attorney Falk Ruttke was also key in drafting Nazi Germanys in drafting their Eugenics German sterilization law (7 ).


Eugenics, racially, Hitler, Nazis, sterilized, habitual criminals, compulsory, Harry Laughlin, Aktion T4, sterilization law