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education, poverty,  Sex, AIDS, African, control, birth, scientificSexeducation, poverty,  Sex, AIDS, African, control, birth, scientific

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Eliminating poverty and education especially in the encouragement of condom use are more important factors in preventing the spread of AIDS than preventing promiscuity(7 ).

The Washington Post said on June 29, 2003 a third of former Bush's global AIDS was ear marked for the promotion of abstinence(8 ).

Uganda used to be one of the rare African countries where AIDS declined. It was claimed by the Bush(jr) administration that good old "Christian morality" (abstinence ) had turned the epidemic around. What wasn't said was back in 1986 president Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni launched a aggressive campaign of condom distribution, information about transmission and messages about delaying sex and reducing numbers of partners. When this happened the percentage of Ugandan went from 15 percent in early 1990's to five percent in 2001. After Bush's abstinence based foreign policy kicked in the number of infections almost doubled (9 ).

Birth control

Under Bush (Jr) The FDA refused to grant Over The Counter access to "Plan B" birth control pill. In an editorial in the New England Journal of Medicine said "Until now, [FDA] approval has been based on scientific evidence from well-designed clinical trials with adequate power to establish safety and rule out toxicity with some reasonable level of confidence. Political considerations have wisely been kept out of the decision-making process." (10 ).


education, poverty,  Sex, AIDS, African, control, birth, scientific