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AfghanistanAfghanistan, Liberation, NATO, warlords, Human Rights Watch, Afghans, Human rights abuses

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Afghan elections

Independent Election Commission gave President Hamid Karzai 54.6 August 20 2009 vote. Election fraud charged were leveled and this reduced Karzai's percentage of the vote to 47 percent, this trigger a fun off between him and his closest competitor (22 ).

His closest challenger was Abdullah Abdullah dropped out of the run off, it is believed that the US apply pressure to him to drop out (23 ).

The ethics of the deal or dealers

A governor and Afghan District police Chief colluded with insurgents to kill nine US troops in a assault on a military post at Wanat village in Kunar (24 ).

The Afghan president said civilian deaths in the war on terror are too high he said "We don't accept civilian casualties in our land in the war on terrorism,". He also blamed allies for not doing enough to stop the illegal drug trade. He noted that Opium poppy cultivation is highest where international troops are deployed (25 ).

Though Islam has against drug use the Taliban are willing to ignore the hard-line approach on this Opium production. Afghanistan has the lowest female life expectancy in the world (26 ). But it's not only the Taliban who accused if engaging in shady deals.

The former Bush administration alleged that the President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai brother Ahmed Wali is in the Opium trade. Its alleged that Mr. Karzai has been unable to stop his country slide into corruption and ineffectiveness(27 ).

In Afghanistan most police earn about 111.00 a month, and a heroin mule earns about $139.00 a day. It is also reported that president Karzai order a stop to eradication teams, with no apparent reason. An Afghan counter narcotics chief found nine tones of Opium in former governor Helmand compound, he was ordered not to burn it, by Kabul. Ahmed Wali Karzai, ordered the release of an "enormous cache of heroin" according to US Investigators (28 ).

It was reported in 2008 that Sher Mohammed Akhundzada, a former governor, the one with the 9 tons of heroin, he was caught with the nine tons but never went to jail. A British commander said "You should understand," and continued "the fight here isn't really about religion. It's about money."(29 ).

The director of national intelligence Dennis Blair warned in 2009 that Afghanistan ha a weak and corrupt government. His described the president Hamid Karzai as increasingly ineffective and unpopular (30 ).

US officials claim that the brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Ahmed Wali Karzai has received payments from the CIA. In an interview Ahmed Wali Karzai he said he cooperates with US civilian and military officials but is not involved in the drug trade, or receive payments from the CIA (31 ).

US Tax dollars are being given money to insure the safety of conveys in Afghanistan. US contractors are paying suspected insurgents to protect supply routes and its believed that the Taliban get a large portion of these proceeds. This can be 10% of the pentagons logistics contract go to these payments which can add up to hundreds of millions of dollars (32 ).

Afghan president Hamid Karzai the countries top military position to a Warlord who has had problems with Human rights abuses according to a human rights group Ajmal Samadi director of Afghanistan Rights Monitor (ARM), "It is a step ahead in Karzai's old policy of legitimizing prominent warlords and maintaining a state of criminal impunity for them," (33 ).

No scared ground

Mosque was bombed during a funeral of a Muslim cleric who was opposed to the Taliban the bomber was linled to al-Qaida 20 died and 42 were wounded (34 ).

A bomb exploded outside a mosque in Afghanistan Laghman Province it killed the country's intelligence chief and at least 22 other people (35 )


Ironically, many of the same warlords received millions of dollars weapons and ammunition from the US to battle the soviet's in the 1980's are now doing battle with US troops in parts of Afghanistan (36 ).

A study by the GAO said weapons that are supposed to be for afghan troops may end up in the hands of the Taliban. Of the 242, weapons sent to Afghanistan by the USA in a four year period ending in 2008 the Department of defense did not maintain a complete inventory of a third of the weapons sent. The weapons include rifles, pistols, machine guns, mortars and rocket-propelled grenade launchers (37 ).

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Afghanistan, Liberation, NATO, warlords, Human Rights Watch, Afghans, Human rights abuses