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AngolaAngola, UNITA, CIA. Reagan, National Union for the Total Independence of Angola, Jonas Savimbi, Cuba, civil war

Angola rebel group UNITA (CIA backed)is a side in the countries continuing civil war. The US congress passed Clark Amendment in 1976, prohibiting further CIA involvement. The Reagan administration was successful in having this law repealed 1985. Since UNITA has received Stinger missiles and other deadly weapons costing 30 million a year(1 ).

UNITA stands for National Union for the Total Independence of Angola this group was founded by Jonas Savimbi(2 ).

Angola invaded by Cuba?

Despite claims to the contrary, the US Intervene in Angola weeks before the Cubans arrival not afterwards according to US Documents. History professor at Johns Hopkins University Piero Gleijeses "When the United States decided to launch the covert intervention, in June and July, not only were there no Cubans in Angola, but the U.S. government and the CIA were not even thinking about any Cuban presence in Angola," Mr Gleijeses Freedom of Information Act, he also said "If you look at the CIA reports which were done at the time, the Cubans were totally out of the picture,"(3 ). Cuba did eventually send 50,000 troops to support the Marxist movement the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola.

Angola held its first democratic elections in 1992 Savimbi refused to accept the results. He lost to MPLA-PT leader Jose Eduardo dos Santos. The results were: Savimbi 40.1
Santos 49.6
percent of the votes cast in a UN Sponsored democratic election. It appears Savimbi chose civil war over democracy (4 ).

In 2002 Jonas Savimbi died when he was shot by MPLA troops (5 ).

In 2008 Angola over took Nigeria in oil production. This has not translated to prosperity of its people one in four children die before the age of five. 70% of its people level below the poverty level. It ranks 162 out of 177 on the UN human development index which measures poverty, education, life expectancy, and etc (6 ).

Angola, UNITA, CIA. Reagan, National Union for the Total Independence of Angola, Jonas Savimbi, Cuba, civil war