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Hate in the name of the most holy.

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holy, Hate, Buddhist, Tibet, China, uprising, Tibetan, police, monksAnti Buddhistholy, Hate, Buddhist, Tibet, China, uprising, Tibetan, police, monks

Buddhist from India fled from invading Muslims toward the end of the twelfth century , the area they settle at is now called Tibet. In the thirteenth century Tibet fell under Mongol influence. This influence lasted until 1720 when China's Ch'ing dynasty replaced Mongol rule (1 ). So for good or bad Chinese policies directly impacted Tibet.

In China in February 2009 as the 50 anniversary (March 10) of the Tibetan anti Chinese uprising occurred China increased security. The Tibet Daily said "The meeting called on the party, government, military, police and public in all areas... to firmly crush the savage aggression of the Dalai clique, defeat separatism, and wage people's war to maintain stability," (2 ).

In 2009 in China, the Chinese government sent a massive deployment of security forces to the Tibetan plateau. In order to prevent a repeat of a peaceful protest by Buddhist monks (3 ).

IN February 2009 in China 21 Tibetans had been arrested for demanding the return of the Dalai Lama (4 ).

There is apparent video footage of Chinese March 2008 "Riots". The footage shows Chinese police kicking and beating defenseless Tibetan protestors and monks after they had been handcuffed and on the ground the director of the international campaign group Free Tibet Stephanie Brigden said "This is the first footage which visibly proves the use of brutal and excessive force against Tibetan protesters. It clearly challenges official Chinese statements that disproportionate force was not used on unarmed protesters," (5 ).

In 2009 a death sentence was handed down in China against two Tibetans who were accused of start deadly fires at an anti government protest (6 ).

A report from the Human Rights group Human Rights Watch said in Myanmar (formerly Burma.) the dictatorship is holding 230 monks in prison others been disrobed and have to live under "constant surveillance". This was due to their role in demonstrations in 2008. the reason for the demonstrations was to protest the high cost of living and 31 people were killed during these demonstrations (7 ).

Exiled Tibetans protest the Chinese governments treatment of Buddhist. Information Secretary of Tibetan Youth Congress Chultim Dorjee said "We have gathered here to condemn the Chinese Government's suppression over the peaceful demonstration inside the Nyagchuka County in Tibet, for the release of Tulku Tenzin Delek. Despite the sincere petitions to the Chinese government, the Chinese government has turned deaf ear to the sincere and legitimate call. We call upon the Chinese government to respond to the sincere appeal of the people of Nyagchuka County, and we also want to appeal to the United Nations to fulfil their assurance that they gave to Tibetan Youth Congress in 2004 in hunger strike for the release of Tulku Tenzin Delek," (8 ).

holy, Hate, Buddhist, Tibet, China, uprising, Tibetan, police, monks