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Hate in the name of the most holy.

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Christian, India, churches, Anti, Hindu, destruction, Indonesia, Rioting, nunsAnti ChristianChristian, India, churches, Anti, Hindu, destruction, Indonesia, Rioting, nuns

In 1999 demonstrators protested the increase of violence against Christians in India. The increase was greater than anytime since India gained independence. The violence against Christians included gang rapes of nuns, destruction of churches and burning of bibles (15 ).

Hindu radicals beat, humiliated, mocked, and drove away, Catholics during a Christian celebration in Majuli (16 ).

Sectarian rioting in Letwaru village, Masohi district, in Indonesia. The rioting was allegedly cause by a Christian elementary school teacher making an anti Islamic statement. Rioting Muslims destroyed 69 buildings including two churches and 42 homes own by Christians, sixteen Muslim homes were also destroyed by accident (17 ).

Indonesia 2009 a Christian priest and his wife were found stabbed to death. Its believed that murder of Frans Koagow, 64, and his wife, Femy Kumendong, 73 is related to their religion. Both were found with deep wounds on their heads and neck at their home by their grandson(18 ).

In Somalia Muslim militants abducted and killed Christians as part of their take over the country. Christians were even attacked in refugee camps (19 ).

Burma, Myanmar's military regime is committing widespread abuse of the mainly-Christian Chin ethnic group. The Chin group faces forced labour, torture and persecution. Deputy Asia director at Human Rights Watch, Elaine Pearson said "For too long, ethnic groups like the Chin have borne the brunt of abusive military rule in Burma," (20 ).

Five people were killed by sectarian clashed between Muslims and Christians, in February 2009 in Nigeria. Muslim youths attacked Christians and burned churches, this in reprisal for two mosques that had been burned (21 ).

Hindu extremist invaded the True Wine Church during a Sunday worship and attacked the pastor. They demanded the property be turned over to them. The police arrived and restored order(22 ).

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