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Hate in the name of the most holy.

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AChristian, India, Anti, Hindu, extremist, Bishops, attacks, evangelicalAnti ChristianChristian, India, Anti, Hindu, extremist, Bishops, attacks, evangelical

In India a group of anti Christian extremist tried to murder a Christian missionary working a well drilling site in Jharkhand state, the group had been reported as saying 'You guys are drilling this well because you want to use this to convert people to Christianity."(23 ).

2009 India, Hindu extremist reportedly from Swami Narendra Maharaj Sansthan, attacked a Christian meeting injuring ten believers and a 10 year old girl in Mumbai (24 ).

Ten men were accused of the rape of catholic Nun during the rioting in 2008 in Orissa. According the Catholic Bishops' Conference of India, 40 Christians had been killed. The rioting followed the killing of a Hindu leader (25 ).

Amnesty International in their 2009 human reports condemned anti Christian attacks in India "Christians continued to be subjected to violent attacks by supporters of Hindu nationalist organisations...However, no judicial enquiries have been completed". (26 ).

In a revenge killing Muslim villagers shot two Christian men in south Egypt. The Christian men had been released for killed a Muslim man in a sectarian clash (27 ).

In China the police raided a private Christian evangelical seminar on Feb 11 2009 in Nanyang city in central Henan province, 60 worshippers had been rounded up (28 ).

In 2009 in Israel a wave of desecration of Christian churches caused authorities to speak out. The Jerusalem mayor office said "We urge all, who are in power to do it, to put an end to this shameful practice by way of explanation and start clearing away the evil and then it will be peace in our camp,". Jerusalem city officials said anti Christianity is "grave sin of insulting God's name." and "Besides, our forefathers banned provocations against non-Jews as such provocations can lead the whole society to a catastrophe," (29 ).

In 2009 India saw at least 152 anti Christian attacks according to the Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI)(30 ).

Christian, India, Anti, Hindu, extremist, Bishops, attacks, evangelical