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Hate in the name of the most holy.

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Hindu, Temple, anti, Satan, Hinduism, Taliban, attacks, India, riotinganti HinduHindu, Temple, anti, Satan, Hinduism, Taliban, attacks, India, rioting

In 1999 the Second Baptist Church the largest in Houston, distributed a booklet that called upon southern Baptist to save Hindus from "power of Satan."(1 ).

A report cited 37 Web sites used words like "demonic, dirty and filthy" to describe Hinduism. A majority of these sites claimed to be Christian (2 ).

In 2009, Indonesia Muslims were banned from practicing yoga that has Hindu rituals this is similar to edicts given in Malaysia and Egypt (3 ).

When the Taliban were in power, they used a decree making Hindu women veil themselves and Hindu men are suppose to wear a yellow tag (4 ). Also as a demonstration of Hindu live under Taliban rule the Hindu population went from 50,000 to just about 500. most fled Afghanistan sue to anti Hindu violence (5 ).

In 2003 the were Three attacks on Hindu Temples two attacks were on the Hindu Temple of St. Louis, Missouri and one on Hindu Temple of Kansas City in Shawnee, Kansas. The Missouri temple was attacked with fire bombs. The second was breaking the glass in the door of the temple. Though the damage is minor, the FBI is looking into the f St. Louis attack as a hate crime (6).

Religious rioting happened in western India in 2002, this was after a gunman killed 32 people in a Hindu Temple, and wounded 74 (7).

Also In 2002 Police and the Indian Army were powerless to stop Hindu-Muslim rioting and violence killed hundreds of people (8).

In 2008 it was reported that thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in Indian-controlled Kashmir in protest of a government plan to build Hindu settlements in a Muslim-majority region. Three people had bee killed as a result of the rioting (9 ).

In 3008 in eastern India state of Orissa alleged Maoist rebels killed the leader of a hard line hardline Hindu organisation Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). Hindu activist believe the killing was a result of a Nexus between state officials, Christians and Maoists (10 ).


Hindu, Temple, anti, Satan, Hinduism, Taliban, attacks, India, rioting