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Hate in the name of the most holy

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Muslims, Muslim,  Palestinians, executions, atrocities, extremistAnti MuslimMuslims, Muslim,  Palestinians, executions, atrocities, extremist

On August 24 2003 nine Israelis were arrested for being part of a Jewish terror cell that were responsible for attacks on Arabs, these attacks lasted for two years (11 ).

Baruch Goldstein shot dead at least 29 unarmed Palestinians as they prayed in the Tomb of the Patriarchs. He said "You are an errant weed," and "Sensible Judaism spits you out."(12 ).

In 2008 Nigerian Police and troops carried out more than 90 summary executions while trying to quell religious and political rioting. Only two of the 90 plus were not Muslim (13 ).

In Nigeria, the Plateau State government forged a letter allegedly written by Muslims, calling for a total Jihad against the state government. The reason for the forgery was to disparage the Muslim community (14 ).

Though often they get along, it was reported in 2009 in Nigeria that over that previous decade at least 10,000 Nigerians died due to Christian Muslim clashes (15 ).

Muslim Youths in India are being targeted by intelligence agencies and police of Muslims. Mufti Abdullah of the United Progressive Alliance said "The atrocities of the police and intelligence are on the rise. Despite all of this the government is acting as mute spectator."(16 ).

2009, in Egypt a town had been place under a curfew, because of clashes between Christians and Muslims (17 ).

Police in the UK believe that a 2009 arson attack at the Islamic ­centre in Luton (UK)was in revenge for Muslim extremist picking British returning troop with signs saying "Butchers of Basra" (18 ).

American Universities are alleged to be hotbeds of Liberalism. If so George Washington University students took a drastic veer of the path of progressive. A small groups of students circulate a anti muslim flier that was to promote a mythical Islamo-Facism Awareness Week. The flier exclaimed "Hate Muslims? So Do We!". Its unclear if any punitive actions will be taken (19 ).

Crimes against Muslims and their place of worship continued in 2007 and 2008. these crimes include deadly assaults. In 2006 the USA the FBI reported 191 incidents anti Islamic and 156 crimes of a violent nature against Muslims this involved 208 victims. In 2005 the FBI reported 128 incidents and 146 offenses. They included
64 cases of intimidation
8 aggravated assaults
27 simple assaults
4 robberies,
3 burglaries,
2 cases of larceny-theft, 36 cases involving destruction or damage to property
And two other crimes that would probably classified as robbery (20 ).

Muslims, Muslim,  Palestinians, executions, atrocities, extremist

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