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Hate in the name of the most holy

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Muslim, Muslims, Anti, mosque, discriminated, religionAnti MuslimMuslim, Muslims, Anti, mosque, discriminated, religion

New Mexican leaders denounced anti Muslim sentiment. Leaders like Rabbi Marvin Schwab ,said "If all Muslims are truly our enemies, what is next? Round them up and put them in camps so we can keep an eye on them? That's ludicrous," and reminded "We must as a nation stand against prejudice and intolerance and hate. And if we don't, we have to question why we even exists as a nation." (21 ).

In 2009 a poll conducted in Italy showed that many Italians don't trust Muslims and a third would not want a mosque in their neighborhood. There is a bill in the Italian parliament that would prevent the construction of new mosques (22 ).

A poll in Europe in 2008 showed thirty one percent of Muslims feel they have been discriminated against. 10 percent believed it was due solely to their religion, while over half believed it was due to their ethnic Origin. Eighty one percent did not report these acts of discrimination (23 ).

In 2009 a mosque in southern France desecrated by a vandal who drew a swastika and wrote "Sieg Heil", "France to the French", and "White Power" on it (24 ).

Also in 2009 Cartoon were found posted on telephone polls in Minnesota Sgt. Marty Sayre said "are clearly offensive to the Muslim community here, inappropriate and not wanted in our community,". The cartoons depicted prophet Mohammed in derogatory ways, the Qur'an and a swastika (25 ).

Muslim, Muslims, Anti, mosque, discriminated, religion