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Backmasking, backwards messages, music, subliminal, technique, psychology, brainBACKMASKING MYTHSBackmasking, backwards messages, music, subliminal, technique, psychology, brain

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Backmasking is an alleged technique where backwards messages are intentionally placed in music. Ie you can only understand them when the message is played backwards. Backmasking is alleged to have a subliminal( send the message to the subconscious) effect.

Generally accepted subliminal techniques, or techniques that are more accepted might have an effect like hunger, but they don't work equally on everyone and sometimes they appear not to work at all (1).

What do experts say about the concept of backwards messages (backmasking) in music "Concerning this technique, we think that it would be surprising if the human brain could understand and respond to the meaning of such reversed recordings because the reversing process makes them completely unintelligible."(2).

Mark D. Allen, a psychology professor at Brigham Young University, said "The short answer is that delivering subliminal messages via backward masking is totally and ridiculously impossible," he also said "The brain just doesn't work that way," psychology professor Don Sinex of Utah State University, "Speech played backwards is unintelligible, even in the absence of a competing sound. It's simply not plausible to think that backward speech could be understandable when embedded in music."(3 ).Other research also confirms backwards messages, don't have the ability to make anyone do anything(4).

What about the people who hear these messages? "backmasked" messages, and the content of these messages are mainly in the mind of the listener(5).

What would be the effect of other sounds on the recording? Would they interfere with the alleged back masked message? Yes!(6 ).

Can backmasked or subliminal messages control people, and force them do things? No! Even accepted subliminal messages are extremely limited in their influence(7).

Backmasking, backwards messages, music, subliminal, technique, psychology, brain