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Bullying, kids, boys, girls, rejected, aggressive, enemies, bully, unpopular , victimsDefinition and scopeBullying, kids, boys, girls, rejected, aggressive, enemies, bully, unpopular , victims

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Bullying was once though of as all part of growing up. Though it's never been clear on what was meant by growing up, or what someone grow up to be.

Richard Gallagher, director of the Parenting Institute at the New York University Child Study Center said "Bullying shouldn't be considered a normal part of growing up. Adults need to take it seriously and try to understand why kids are involved on either end of bullying," and explained "Any form of verbal or physical behavior that is controlling or threatening is bullying," (1 ).

Both boys and girls bully. Boys in school who bully are more popular among there peers. Girls who bully tend to get rejected by their peers. Laura Hess, assistant professor of child development and family studies, at Purdue University West Lafayette Ind. Said , "Our research shows that girls who are disruptive and aggressive are at a much greater risk of being rejected by their peers than are their male counterparts."(2 ).

When boys bully it tend to be physical, immediate, and it's done by enemies. When females bully it tends to be emotional, verbal or nonverbal, longer-lasting and is done by supposed friends(3 ).

Boys are significantly more involved with bullying than girls. Though bullies tend to target victims of their own gender females were more likely to be involved with mixed gender bullying(4 ).

Also cross-gender bullying by unpopular boys bullying popular girls is more prevalent than once thought. A researcher said "We found that a lot of male bullies between fourth and sixth grade are bullying girls - more than people would have anticipated - and a substantial amount of that boy-girl, cross-gender bullying goes unreported,"(5 ).

Young girls are more likely to remain victims of bullying than boys. Researchers found that if a young girl is bullied at age six that are two and a half times more likely to remain the victims of bullies by age ten(6).

Physical bulling is reduced when children mature. It turns into more passive verbal forms(7 ).

Bullying, kids, boys, girls, rejected, aggressive, enemies, bully, unpopular , victims