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liberal, Clinton, Bush, scandal, Chinagate, ChinaHow do I feel about the Clintons?liberal, Clinton, Bush, scandal, Chinagate, China

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Also filegate also shows a likeness to the days of Richard Nixon. The Clinton Whitehouse pulled FBI files on hundreds of republicans ostensibly for security clearance, but this included Reagan and Bush (Sr)appointees who were never considered for a job (6 ).

invasive laws

The Patriot Act wasn't the first invasive terrorist bill proposed. In response to Oklahoma City Bill Clinton proposed an anti terrorist law would have given the government vast new powers to wiretap and collect sensitive information on citizens without proper warrants, and prosecute anyone supporting terrorist organizations on the grounds that they ``should have known'' what they were doing. It failed to pass Congress by a 246-171 vote in 1996 (7 ).

President Clinton issued an Executive Order that authorized physical searched without a court order to get suspect foreign intelligence information (8 ).

The Clinton Administration on a anti crime crusade he got a record number of wiretaps(though now that record is now broken), wanted to decode private computer communications, expand drug testing, and the list goes on (9 ).

Any mention of Clintons misdeeds wouldn't be complete without mentioning Monica Lewinsky. For an ardent supporter of women's rights and his stature of respecting women these 1998 revelations of his sexual relationship with a White house intern is despicable (10 ).

What comes to mind is a theme song, from a classic 1960's TV show (The Patty Duke Show), "their cousins, identical cousins and you find they walk alike, they talk a like" and so on. Where is Disney when you need him? We need a remake of the classic parent trap, call it the beltway trap.


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