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BlackwaterPrisoner abuse, corruption, Abu Ghraib, Criminal Investigation Command, CID, military, Pentagon, Army, Blackwater, CIA, FBI, State Department, Iraq, Nisoor Square

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Nisoor Square

Backwater claimed it was only returning fire but..

The US Military who reached Nisoor Square after the September 16 2007 shooting. Their story contradicts Blackwater's official story of returning fire. Lt. Col. Mike Tarsa, whose troops reached the square 20 to 25 minutes after the shooting stopped said victims of the shooting "It appeared to me they were fleeing the scene when they were engaged. It had every indication of an excessive shooting," and also saying "I did not see anything that indicated they were fired upon,". They bases their judgment on the scene, eyewitness accounts and discussion with the Iraqi police (7 ).

The shooting was not only witnesses by people it also showed a video of Blackwater employees firing on Iraqis unprovoked (8 ).

An FBI investigation found that the shooting deaths had been unjustified(9 ).

Five Blackwater security guards are being tried on voluntary manslaughter and weapons violations charges. The incident killed 14 unarmed Iraqi citizens and wounded 20 others (10 ).

It was reported that Blackwater Worldwide authorized bribes totaling 1 million dollars to Iraqi officials it was an attempt to thwart criticism and buy support after the September 2007 shooting (11 ).

Defense lawyers for one (Nicholas Slatten) of the five charged in the shooting wants the charges dropped due to misconduct by Justice Department prosecutors. The defense argues that the state can not prove his guilt, a task not only important to justice but also to the constitution. The defense for Slatten said "The collapse of the government's case against Mr. Slatten should be as public as the baseless allegations against him," and "He should not be required to endure the government's repeated public mischaracterization of the evidence while non-public proceedings tell a very different story."(12 ).

Democrat Henry Waxman, chair of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform called on Obama to fire Blackwater, he said "I don't see any reason to have a contract with Blackwater," and . "They haven't lived up to their contract, and we shouldn't be having these private military contracts. We should use our own military."(13 ).

The US State Department may have violated federal regulations when it turned over management aspects of its multibillion-dollar private security contract in Iraq to other contractors, according to a Inspectors General report(14 ).

Though the State Department Bureau of Diplomatic Security was very effective in ensuring the safety diplomatic personnel in Iraq it also noted "the rapid rise in use and scale of private security contractors has strained the Department's ability to effectively manage them." and also discovered "undermined by frequent staff turnover, understaffing, increased workload, and the lack of standardized operating policies and procedures."(15 ).

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Prisoner abuse, corruption, Abu Ghraib, Criminal Investigation Command, CID, military, Pentagon, Army, Blackwater, CIA, FBI, State Department, Iraq, Nisoor Square