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hand outs and general welfarePentagons, corruption, Halliburton,  Kellogg Brown and Root, KBR, Iraq, taxpayer, gun control, grants, subsidies

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weapons control for civilians only

Much has been said about "gun control" and the civilian sector. Yet this arms control seems to be for civilians only. In 1996 the federal government spent 7.9 billion to promote 120 billion in global arms sales (1 ).

all arms and no play? no way

An example of non arms pork is a congressional investigation discovered in the mid 1990s the American taxpayer footed the bill for millions in entertainment, like $263,000 for a Smokey Robinson concert, $20,000 for golf balls, $13,000 for volleyball and softball officials, and $7,500 for a Christmas party (2 ).


According to a report small to medium sized farms received only about 5 percent of $500 million federal search grants from the four Agriculture Department research and grant programs. The report concluded the projects that got funded "were essentially research and development initiatives for large food companies," the report covered 2001 and 2002 (3 ).

Under programs first created in the 1930s to stabilize farm income and prices, U.S. farmers got about $20 billion in subsidies in 2005, the last year for which figures are available. Most payments go to growers of five major crops -- corn, soybeans, wheat, rice and cotton. The top subsidy recipient in 2005 was an Arkansas rice producer, Riceland Foods, which got nearly $16 million. Iowa farmers topped the list with $2.3 billion in subsidies in 2005. Iowa was followed by Texas ($2 billion), Illinois ($1.8 billion) and Nebraska ($1.4 billion)(4 ).

The IRS and the US Agriculture Department are cracking down on millionaires who receive farm subsides. A sports team owner, and a financial firm executive and 2,700 millionaires received farm subsidies even though they probably didn't qualify (5 )


USAID was created by President Kennedy to revamp foreign assistance. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said during her Senate confirmation hearings "I think it's fair to say that USAID, our premier aid agency, has been decimated," and also said "It has half the staff it used to have. It's turned into more of a contracting agency than an operational agency with the ability to deliver." And noted "there has been a steady transfer of authority and resources from government employees and a chain of accountability to contractors, and we have reaped the very difficult consequences of that."(6 ).


Pentagons, corruption, Halliburton,  Kellogg Brown and Root, KBR, Iraq, taxpayer, gun control, grants, subsidies