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hand outs and general welfarePentagons, corruption, Halliburton,  Kellogg Brown and Root, KBR, Iraq, taxpayer, gun control, grants, subsidies

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Food from USAID that was to feed the starving in Africa, took six months to reach the recipients. American growers, processors and transporters who profit off these shipments to simplify process and speed up deliveries by allowing more food to be bought closer to the troubled areas where the food was needed. Cargill Inc., Archer Daniels Midland Co. and Bunge Ltd accounted for 47 percent of commodities spending for foreign aid in 2007 ( 7 ).

Chemonics International Inc gets 90 percent of its funding through USAID, its owner Scott Spangler who was senior USAID director under Bush (Sr)was awarded a three year $153 million contract by USAID to provide information and infrastructure Afghanistan's farmers. They built grain storage silos and greenhouses as part of this contract. Within two years these structures are abandoned and destroyed. Afghan farms knew these structures, because of shoddy work (8 ).

Pork you can believe in?

Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) President Tom Schatz said about a change “Sadly, the hard numbers from the 2009 appropriations bills tell a different story. The current Democratic congressional majority is following the same trajectory as their Republican predecessors. They came into power promising to cut earmarks, and made a big show of it during their first two years. However, as the 2009 Pig Book amply illustrates, pork-barrel spending is growing fast.”
$3.8 million for the Old Tiger Stadium Conservancy in Detroit;
$1.8 million for swine odor and manure management research in Ames, Iowa
$380,000 for a recreation and fairgrounds area in Kotzebue, Alaska; (9 )

In 2009 Tom Schatz also noted " There are 10,160 projects,which is a 12.5 percent decrease from the 11,610 last year, but the $19.6 billion in pork in all 12 appropriations bills is a 14.5 percent increase -- 14 percent increase, excuse me, over last year's figure, which was $17.2 billion." and "There are 221 anonymous projects worth $7.8 billion, and that's 40 percent of the $19.6 billion in pork. That means that members of Congress refused to place their names next to those projects. In fiscal year 2008, there were more anonymous projects, but they cost a lot less and it was only 20 percent of the total. " (10 ).


Pentagons, corruption, Halliburton,  Kellogg Brown and Root, KBR, Iraq, taxpayer, gun control, grants, subsidies