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Culture War, players, Conservatives, family, violence, LiberalCulture warCulture War, players, Conservatives, family, violence, Liberal

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The Culture War was spawn by a book published in 1991 "Culture Wars: The Struggle to Define America" written by a University of Virginia sociologist James Davison Hunter(1 ).

players, and lines drawn

The culture war, who are its players? What's it about? Does it exist?

One player seems to be predominately Conservatives, they tend to be on the side of "traditional family values."(2 ).

Pat Buchanan has said about this war "there is a religious war going on for the soul of America.". It covers many area's freedom of expression, abortion, the rights of homosexuals, and at the local level, skirmishes over school curricula (3 ).

Commentators like O'Reilly have chimed in. In his book it identifies two factions "traditionalists" and "secular-progressives". He also informs his readers how to be good "T-warriors" (4 ).

For any debate to go forward we have to look at a clear and accurate picture of whatever is debated. This debate (Culture War) hinges on tradition or the past. What is the past? Was the America of yesteryear filled with square jawed steely eyed folks who with bible in one hand and ax in the other went about to make a nation under God. Or was the America of days gone by while having God fearing people, it also had a "renegade" element, much like today?

Liberal media conspiracy

The Americans uncut

organized mob violence

unorganized mob violence

Behind the closed doors of early America

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