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1. War puts Clear Channel on the defensive Deseret News (Salt Lake City) April 3, 2003 John Schwartz and Geraldine Fabrikant New York Times News Service

2. These GOOFs couldn't wait till end of the year Chicago Sun-Times April 15, 2003 Richard Roeper

3. "Should Palin Be Dixiechicked?" The Moderate Voice September 25, 2009

4. Unlike 9/11, partisanship has worsened after Christmas attack Christian Science Monitor By Gail Russell Chaddock Staff writer / December 30, 2009

5. Political attacks over Christmas Day airline incident heat up By Philip Rucker and Michael D. Shear Washington Post December 31, 2009

6. Obama criticized on airline incident when Bush wasn't By Josh Gerstein Seattle Times December 30, 2009

7. Eyes right: conservatives are winning the media war. How do they do it?(Book Review) Columbia Journalism Review March 1, 2003 Perlstein, Rick

8."Label whores: Bernard Goldberg's Bias points in the wrong direction."(Media).(Critical Essay) The American Prospect May 6, 2002 Nunberg, Geoffrey

9. Under Bush, a New Age of Prepackaged TV News DAVID BARSTOW and ROBIN STEIN March 13, 2005 New York Times

10. Faux news is good news -- to Bush March 17, 2005 Eric Boehlert

11. Journalists, public know little about press freedom; Trust in media low, poll finds.(NATION) The Washington Times (Washington, DC) May 16, 2005

12. PARTY TIME: GOP CONVENTION; What do they have in common? They're all celebrities with Republican ties, running contrary to Hollywood's liberal reputation. But how much does star power matter in politics?(VARIETY) Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN) July 10, 2008 Tillotson, Kristin

13 Wikipedia

14. Sarah Palin blasts '60 Minutes,' Obama in Fox News debut Christian Science Monitor Peter Grier Staff writer / January 13, 2010

15. Gallup: Clinton narrowly beats Palin as 'most admired woman' Christian Science Monitor Linda Feldmann Staff writer / December 30, 2009

16. Lean Left? Lean Right? News Media May Take Their Cues From Customers new york times December 7, 2006