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THE CRITICSHolocaust, Fred Leuchter, death camps, Robert Faurisson, Auschwitz, gas chambers, Leuchter, Leuchter report, cyanide, Nazi, License

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The Holocaust, though widely accepted by most hasn't been without its critics.

A mainstay of the proponents of this theory and others, they tend not to put up a positive defense in proving their points. Their main attack is to try to poke holes in the target theory, by a seemingly endless list "inconsistences". If a positive defense is ever offer they tend to be extremely abstract and flimsy.

Fred Leuchter, Jr author of the "Leuchter report" Fred Leuchter, Jr a self-taught electrical engineer from Malden Mass(1 ).

Leuchter is a son of a corrections maintenance supervisor. His assertion is the samples he had taken from the death camps and submitted to Alpha Analytical Laboratories Inc. in Massachusetts lacked significant traces of cyanide (2 ).

Leuchter was hired by another holocaust Denier Robert Faurisson to examine the gas chambers Auschwitz. With cameraman, a draftsman, and a translator they headed for Poland, they spent three days gathering samples. These samples were then taken to a Boston (USA) Lab. Leuchter told the lab the samples were for workers comp case (3 ).

The arguments against gas chambers at Auschwitz given in the "Leuchter report", are seen as flawed(4 ).

Part of the criticism comes from Leuchter sampling methods. Instead of scrapping samples from the surface where the cyanide would be, he took chunks out of the inner wall, thus diluting his samples (5 ).

Another error, in his findings is it takes 22 times more cyanide to kill lice than it does humans(6 ). So the gas chambers would naturally have lower cyanide levels than other areas such as delousing chambers for cloths. Also the logic is the Nazis locked people in a room and pumped in gas that was much more toxic to people than it was to the lice they were trying to kill. Were the Nazi this moronic? We'd have to be even more moronic to believe they were.

In the early 1990's Leuchter was brought into court on the grounds that his was practicing engineering without a License(7 ). In a consent decree involving this case the expert on death penalty devices admitted "I am not and have never been registered as a professional engineer". Even though in the past he had represented himself as an engineer in regards to use execution equipment(8 ).

Arthur R. Butz

An engineering professor at Chicago Northwest University Arthur R. Butz published a book "The Hoax of the Twentieth Century" in 1976. Butz believed far fewer than six million died and the Nuremberg trials were a frame up (9 ).

Mr. Butz has said" They didn't see their wives and daughters put in the gas chamber. The most these people can say is that their sons and daughters were separated from them."(10 ).


Holocaust, Fred Leuchter, death camps, Robert Faurisson, Auschwitz, gas chambers, Leuchter, Leuchter report, cyanide, Nazi, License