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THE CRITICSconcentration camps, Jew, exterminated, dead, Robert Faurisson, Nazi gas chambers, Jews, Holocaust, denial, Buchenwald, David Irving

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He also said "I'm not denying that life in concentration camps was rough," and continued "But that doesn't mean there was a planned extermination." In his book he estimated that that three million Jews disappeared from Poland between 1938 and 1948, and they could have easily disappeared into the Soviet Union and other places. He claims "The Jews of Europe were not exterminated and there was no German attempt to exterminate them. . . The Jews of Europe suffered durin--defeat. They may even have lost a million dead." And "The gas chambers' were wartime propaganda fantasies,"(11 ).

Robert Faurisson
Robert Faurisson a professor of literature at the University Lyons. In an article in the in Le Monde he claimed that that Nazi gas chambers, and the mass murder of the Jews was lie. He said "and the so-called genocide of the Jews form a single historical lie whose principal beneficiaries are the State of Israel and international Zionism and whose principal victims are the German people, but not its leaders, and the Palestinian people in its entirety."(12 ).

Paul Rassinier

Paul Rassinier (1906-67) was probably one of the earliest and most prominent members of the Holocaust denial community. Rassinier a communist was arrested for acts of resistance in Oct 1943 he was first sent to Buchenwald then to Dora concentration camps (13 ).

While in Buchenwald concentration camp he was beaten by a fellow communist prisoner for failing to recognize and pay his respects to German communist leader Ernst Thalmann. To Rassinier his fellow prisoners seem to be more of a danger to him than the SS guards. Soon he got a relatively easy job in the camps infirmary. He then was transferred to Dora were he was also evidently treated well. This treatment may have swayed him to disbelieve the holocaust(14 ).

Rassinier admits the existence of the gas chambers but believes they were run by a few crazed SS members at the top of prison hierarchy. His primary evidence was his own experience in the camps(15).

He was tried and found guilty in France for slander a violation of Article 382 of the civil code for willfully distorting history, and incitement to racial hatred(16 ).

David Irving
David Irving was born David John Cawdell Irving in Essex (UK) on March 1938. He was one of four children, his twin brother changed his name to avoid a family connection. His mother Beryl was a writer and Illustrator, his father John was a Navel commander in both wars. He attended school all the way to the college level but dropped out because of a lack of money(17 ).

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concentration camps, Jew, exterminated, dead, Robert Faurisson, Nazi gas chambers, Jews, Holocaust, denial, Buchenwald, David Irving