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THE CRITICSholocaust, Holocaust denial, Nazi,Dr. Pierce, The Turner Diaries

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Dr. Pierce in the 1980's moved the groups headquarters from Washington to a rural 250 area near Hillsboro W.Va. (36 ).

Mark Potok, director of the Intelligence Project for the Southern Poverty Law Center, said "Pierce recommended that the Jews of America should be herded into railroad cattle cars and sent into the bottoms of abandoned coal mines,". Under Pierces management the group grew. By 2002 it had more than 1,400 members. Its membership included college professors, police officers and lawyers. The group had 17 full time staff members and pulled in profits from its membership dues and proceeds from its record label Resistance Records. The group in all raked in about a million a year and "It was the premier, most important and most dangerous hate group in America,". (37 ).

William Pierce also authored the "The Turner Diaries" which is said to have been a inspiration to the OK city Bomber(38 ).

Pierced died in July 2002 after he discovered he was in the late stages of Kidney and Liver Cancer (39 ).


holocaust, Holocaust denial, Nazi,Dr. Pierce, The Turner Diaries