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FLASHPOINT Vol 2 issue 2
faggots, GAY, AIDS, God, venomous, Homosexuality, humanity, moral, evilGAY DISPLAY FRAY

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"Me and my friends just kicked some faggots a_ _ up the University!" gleefully chimed a young man at a meeting I attended awhile back.

Of the fifteen people attending, I bowed and shook my head. Two older ladies glanced at him with a disgusted look. The rest-you'd thought he made the winning touch down at the super bowel. I never returned to that group.

Elated voices, self righteously relish AIDS suffers agonizing deaths on our airwaves and in gleeful conversation on the streets.

If God is love, how could these be Godly people?

A clandestine threat has resurfaced in the interior of this state. It intimidates the very existence of our children, families and culture. It is an eternal and venomous threat. It enslaves mind as it destroys lives with which it comes into contact.

It is not the so called Gay display, at our local library. It's not even Homosexuality itself. It is the twisted loathing and rage the subject has caused.

We must ask ourselves, would the photos have raised an eyebrow if heterosexuals had done the posing? Probably not.

No matter what a person believes, whether it is creationism or evolution, both are based on theory that all human life came from one source. Such assumption makes us all brothers and sisters in this race called humanity.

Is it morally righteous to oppress our brothers and sisters? Is it moral to sit silently by as 'different' kin are harassed? No, not in a sane set of moral beliefs.

Maybe a fear that tolerating homosexuality would open a pandora box of depravity, yet, what of intolerance? Isn't that just as deeply, if not more depraved. Those who censure, must ask themselves, what will become of their words if they fight a foreseen evil with a greater evil.

Even if we do not condone specific actions, we must support the individual right to exist in peace. History is full of those who did not allow others to exist peacefully. People like Stalin, Hitler, and Satan (who didn't allow Adam and Eve to exist peacefully in the garden of Eden).

We must ask ourselves do we want to join their ranks? Others say that this group is Deviant, and are trying to promote a pervert lifestyle as normal. Perhaps the real fear lies in the showing homosexual as actual human beings, Instead of some sort of hideous faceless monster out to 'get' our kids.


faggots, GAY, AIDS, God, venomous, Homosexuality, humanity, moral, evil