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FLASHPOINT Vol 2 issue 2
GAY, intolerance, hate, compassion, tolerance, sexuality, Gays, Lesbians, IntoleranceGAY DISPLAY FRAY

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Seeing the person inside the name, would make intolerance harder to justify. All intense prejudice is based upon hate, fear, and ignorance. Is this the lesson we want children to learn, instead of lessons of love, faith, and compassion.

Tolerance is not condoning an action, or even liking an action. How many parents really like their kids music, style of dress, or all of their friends? Not many! But most show tolerance out of love.

Furthermore sexuality, like spirituality are both intensely personal matters, and the state has no interest in promoting or hindering either. The states only stake to ensure that all have a level playing field. If all Gays and Lesbians only to be left alone, to do what they wish in the privacy of their own home, to be treated fairly, and with compassion, then we can and must support it.

Intolerance has always been around. I can remember back to a time not so long ago, when Heavy Metal and other forms of music where under heavy attack. Anyone who dared to listen to it. where the ultimate evil. I being a fan of many Heavy Metal bands have never considering myself as a source of all that is evil, and I for one cannot join the neo-inquisitors on their new witch hunt.


GAY, intolerance, hate, compassion, tolerance, sexuality, Gays, Lesbians, Intolerance