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EthiopiaEthiopia, secret prisons, al-Qaida, extraordinary rendition, Qaida , prisoners

Many people believe there are secret prisons in Ethiopia where detainees are held and US agents carry out interrogations in the hunt for al-Qaida in the Horn of Africa. Bashir Makhtal a Canadian citizen is believed to be held in Ethiopia. Rejean Beaulieu Canadian Foreign Affairs spokesman said "We know that he is in Ethiopia," and also said "We've been making, and continue to make, representations both here in Ottawa and in Ethiopia to get access to him,"(1 ).

These prisoners are held s these prison for interrogation under the CIA's "extraordinary rendition" program (2 ).

In 2009 in Ethiopia opposition party members have been arrested by the hundreds. Over the past 12 months ( from Nov 2009) the All Ethiopia Unity Organisation (AEUO), reported their were seven murders that were politically motivated. deputy leader of the Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ) Gizachew Shiferaw, said These jailings are to stop our members running in elections," and "It has become a strategy for the ruling party. Ethiopia is a one-party state."(3 ).

Ethiopia, secret prisons, al-Qaida, extraordinary rendition, Qaida , prisoners