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John Haynes Holmes also supported another social modification experiment called prohibition. A study published in Nov 7 1934 Bemoaned its downfall, he said "I walked the streets of York City during that soaking period. I saw more drunkenness in ten days than I had seen in ten years."(9 ).

An essay that was published in 1916 called "Jewish eugenics" claimed the Mosaic code was proof of Gods Opposition to marriages of defective people (10 ).

A utopian community called Oneida in upstate New York, and lead by John Humphrey Noyes experiment of breeding better children. They proclaimed "We are opposed to random procreation, which is unavoidable in the marriage system," and also said "but we are in favor of intelligent, well-ordered procreation."(11 ). When people entered the Oneia community they weren't expected to divorce their spouse, but they were expected to share their spouse. Noyes wanted his members to practice "ascending fellowship" in social and sexual relationships. This Eugenic vision created over fifty children (12 ).

Congregational minister George Reid Andrews quit his Connecticut church to become the Executive Secretary of the American Eugenics Society, in 1934. Another minister Rev. Kenneth C.MacArthur cut back his church duties to promote eugenics (13 ).

Speaking on "Eugenics and religion" Rev. Mr. MacArthur said in answer in answer to the question "Where is evolution taking us?" that the Important thing is "to mold they-human race to the human race to the.. ideal of Christ, for after all Christ's conception of religious life Is the conception of the family, or the joint service of a common life."(14 ).

A Jesuit scientist Father Teilhard de Chardin wrote : "We have allowed our race to develop at random and we have given too little thought to the question of what medical and moral factors must replace the crude factors of natural selection . . . it is indispensable that a nobly human form of eugenics. . . be discovered and developed."( 15 ).

A bestselling science author Albert Wiggam wrote if Jesus were alive he would have been the president of the First Eugenics Congress and Jesus would have proclaimed "Do unto both the born and the unborn as you would have both the [b]orn and unborn do unto you" (16 ).

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American, Eugenics, American Eugenics Society, clergy, American Eugenics