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Ezra S. Gosney (1855-1942), founded the Human Betterment Foundation in Pasadena California (17 ). The Human Betterment Foundation (1926-42), was a eugenic research organization that promoted sterilization in California as a highly effective and successful eugenic procedure. It also publicized the writings and records of patients, doctors, and social (18 ).

A Rabbi at Temple Sinai in Oakland said about Gosney's work was of "tremendous benefit to mankind. I am greatly thrilled at the thought that our own state, California, is pioneering in sterilization work, " he continued. "Whenever I visit our state institutions -and I spent two days at the Sonoma Home for the Feebleminded at Eldridge last month-I always encourage the superintendents to continue their magnificent efforts toward improving the generation of tomorrow." (19 ).

The American Eugenics Society had three clergy as chairman throughout is history. The last was Reverend George Reid Andrews who was fired in 1936 (20 ).

In the 1930's Eugenics had powerful backers. The following are the Directors and the Advisory Council of the American Eugenics Society (21 ).

American Eugenics Society
ELLSWORTH HUNTINGTON, Yale University, President
GUY IRVING BURCH, Population Reference Bureau
HENRY P. FAIRCHILD, New York University
IRVING FISHER, Yale University
WILLYSTINE GOODSELL, Columbia University
CLARENCE C. LITTLE, American Society for the Control of Cancer
FREDERICK OSBORN, Co-author of Dynamics of Population
HENRY F. PERKINS, Eugenics Survey of Vermont
PAUL POPENOE, Human Betterment Foundation
ALBERT E. WIGGAM, Author of "Fruit of the Family Tree"
GEORGE R. ANDREWS, Executive Secretary

Advisory Council
Prof. W. S. Anderson
Prof. Michael F. Guyer
Prof. George H. Parker
Dr. Howard J. Banker
Prof. Samuel J. Holmes
Dr. Stewart Paton
Dr. Lewellys F. Barker
Dr. Ernest A. Hooton
Mr. John C. Phillips
Mr. Frederick S. Bigelow
Mrs. Lucien Howe
Hon. Gifford Pinchot
Mrs. John W. Blodgett
Dr. Ales Hrdlicka
Dr. D. F. Ramos
Prof. Emory S. Bogardus
Mr. Seth K. Humphrey
Dr. W. S. Rankin
Dr. Carl C. Brigham
Prof. A. G. Huntsman
Prof. Stuart A. Rice
Dr. Philip K. Brown
Mrs. Wortham James
Dr. Aaron J. Rosanoff
Dr. Charles W. Burr
Hon. Albert Johnson
Mrs. C. C. Rumsey
Pres. W. W. Campbell
Prof. Roswell H. Johnson
Prof. C. E. Seashore
Mr. C. C. Carstens
Mr. Cheney C. Jones
Dr. Florence Brown Sherbon
Prof. T. N. Carver
Prof. H. E. Jordan
Prof. A. Franklin Shull
Prof. Wesley R. Coe
Mrs. Otto H. Kahn
Dr. William F. Snow
Prof. Leon J. Cole
Prof. Truman Lee Kelley
Prof. Charles R. Stockard
Prof. Henry E. Crampton
Dr. John Harvey Kellogg
Mr. Lothrop Stoddard
Prof. C. H. Danforth
Dr. Vernon Kellogg
Prof. Francis B. Sumner
Dr. Charles B. Davenport
Dr. Helen Dean King
Dr. Wilbur W. Swingle
Dr. Katharine B. Davis
Prof. Charles A. Kofoid
Prof. Lewis M. Terman
Dr. Robert L. Dickinson
Dr. Daniel W. LaRue
Prof. Robert J. Terry
Prof. Edward M. Fast
Bishop William Lawrence
Prof. Edward L. Thorndike
Dr. Haven Emerson
Prof. Frank R. Lillie
Prof. S. S. Visher
Dr. Arthur H. Estabrook
Prof. Francis E. Lloyd
Mr. August Vollmer
Dr. David Fairchild
Rabbi Louis Mann
Prof. Herbert E. Walter
Pres. Livingston Farrand
Prof. William McDougall
Prof. Robert DeC. Ward
Rev. Harry E. Fosdick
Pres. J. C. Merriam
Prof. William M. Wheeler
Mr. Raymond B. Fosdick
Prof. Adolf Meyer
Mr. Leon F. Whitney
Mr. Robert Garrett
Prof. Ann Haven Morgan
Dean Virginia C. Gildersleeve
Pres. Arthur E. Morgan
Hon. Ray Lyman Wilbur
Prof. Henry H. Goddard
Prof. Robert K. Nabours
Prof. Walter F. Willcox
Mr. C. M. Goethe
Prof. Henry F. Nachtrieb
Dr. Clark Wissler
Mr. E. S. Gosney
Pres. William A. Neilson
Dr. Frederick Adams Woods
Prof. William K. Gregory
Prof. H. H. Newman
Dr. Sewall Wright
Prof. Ernest R. Groves
Dr. Henry F. Osborn
Prof. Robert M. Yerkes


American, Eugenics, American Eugenics Society, clergy, American Eugenics