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The word Eugenics is derived from Greek meaning well born or good in birth it was first coined by Sir Francis Galton ( 1).

Sir Francis Galton( 1822-1911) was a half cousin of Charles Darwin, they shared a grandfather Erasmus Darwin, a noted physician, physiologist, naturalist, and poet (2 ).

At fifteen Francis went to college to satisfy his parents wishes that he become a doctor. once there he discovered physics, chemistry, biology, and physiology more to his liking. So he transferred to Cambridge University to major in mathematics in preparation in a career in science. he graduated college soon after his father died, this left him independently wealthy(3 ).

He gained notoriety by mapping unexplored area's of Africa, he also contributed Meteorology by inventing Isobar mapping, he was the first to write weather reports for daily news paper. He also formulated a widely accepted theory of the anticyclone. He also made contributions to photography, fingerprint classification, genetics, statistics, anthropology, and psychometrics. All of this earned him knighthood, Fellow of the Royal Society, and several gold medals awarded by scientific societies in England and Europe(4 ).

Galton wrote in "Hereditary Genius" (1869), he believed the down fall of Greeks was due to deteriorating morality, marriage became unfashionable, the balance of the population being kept up by immigrants of a mixed race(5 ). Galton also wrote in Inquiries into Human Faculty (1883), he wrote that those who possessed sufficient foresight and self-control to delay marriage, as advised by Malthus, were exactly the people whose reproduction it was vital to encourage. He believed that social distinctions reflect differences in innate endowment and that the middle and upper classes tended to possess more civic worth(6 ). In 1891 Galton used his presidential address of the 7th International Congress of Hygiene and Demography to note the "present miserably low standard of the human race" and because of eugenics "the Utopias in the dreamland of philanthropists may become practical possibilities" (7 ).

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