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Fairbanks Daily Newsminer,
Published Feb-28-1997

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bombing, gay, lesbian, The Army of God, God, evilsEvil acts

To the editor:

Every once in a while something happens that is so demented and twisted, we as people, must speak out.. We must do so, no matter the personal cost, because the moral compass of this country demands it.

I am speaking of the recent bombing of a gay and lesbian night club in Atlanta. It now appears that a fanatic group called The Army of God has taken responsibility.

This act is a perversion to any teaching, of any great spiritual leader. In fact the God they follow must be a psychopathic voice in their head.

This act demonstrates blatant disregard not only for the lives of the clubs patrons, but also the police, the fire department, other rescuers, and anyone who happen to be passing on the street.

Acts such as these make other problematic political evils and dirty tricks campaigns appear petty.