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cover up

A 1991 UN report said troops were exposed to chemical weapons agents (during there destruction) at Khamisiyah Iraq. It was unclear over the level of exposure troops had to these agents. Because a computer virus destroyed key records. Interestingly enough the "virus" only destroyed records that were made during the week of the weapons destruction(10 ).

Other information (Combat dairies and other classified documents) on the destruction of chemical weapons at Kamisiyah more than three quarters of the chemical weapons logs kept during the gulf war turned up missing. A researcher of gulf war syndrome told the US Senate, "the emphasis on Kamisiyah is just the Pentagon's way of denying the scope of the problem ... Soldiers are ill because of widespread allied attacks on Iraq's chemical weapons factories and storage sites during the 39 day air war that began January 16, 1991.". During the Gulf war 18 chemical 12 biological, four nuclear facilities were destroyed. Photos obtained by the US Congress showed tons of debris that was dispersed upwards in the atmosphere. This also includes tons of Nerve agents. The pentagon asserted, that this didn't wouldn't have harmed troops because the level of exposure was too low (11).

GWS denial syndrome

A UK government funded study proclaimed 'There is no unique Gulf War Syndrome.' Charles Plumridge, a senior Gulf Veterans and Families Association coordinator was skeptical and said "He who pays the piper calls the tune" (12 ).

A medical panel found only "scant scientific evidence as yet of a unique Gulf War Syndrome"(13 ).

Federally funded research proclaimed there is no such thing as Gulf War Syndrome. Even though troops who served there report more symptoms of illnesses than those who didn't (14).

Murmuring among the ranks

UK troops who were also serving in the Gulf alongside of the American troops also insists that Gulf War Syndrome exist (15).

British Gulf War hero and former commander of the Desert Rats Major General Patrick Cordingley, Tried to express his views on Gulf War Syndrome in a book called "In The Eye Of The Storm". He believes Gulf War Syndrome Might exist and the vaccination the troops received to counter germ warfare might be the cause. But this view was censored by the Ministry of Defence (MOD). The official MOD reason why was the combination of drugs should remain a secret. But other sources from MOD said "Cordingley rocked the boat," and also said "His opinions were sensible, logical and not in the least alarmist. But because they weren't politically OK they were stamped on." (16).

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Military, Vets, cover up, troops, Khamisiyah, computer virus, gulf war syndrome, Nerve agents, GWS, vaccination, Ministry of Defence, MOD