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OpinionPolitical, elected, Bill of Rights, politicians, IRS, Terrorist, Censorship

Fairbanks Daily Newsminer,
Letter to the editor
published Feb-18-1996

Back to big brother

Political glossary

To the editor:

It's February, do you know where your elected reps are? Secondly do you really care?

I would like to remind everyone to keep lighters away from children, and the Bill of Rights away from politicians. With safety tips in mind, I present even more reality behind the rhetoric.

1. Non-essential government workers: "Legislative and Executive branches."

2. IRS: "Income Robbery Service."

3. A treaty with the government: "As good as a politicians word. "

4. Executive Branch: "Bears the nuts of the tree of government."

5. Legislative branch: "Bears the fruits of the tree of government."

6. Terrorist: "Anyone who disagrees with American polices."

7. Freedom fighter: "Anyone who agrees with American policies."

8. Censorship: "Saving the public from questionable thought. Past examples of questionable thought are the colonies declaring independence from England and abolishing slavery."

9. Giving the politicians a piece of your mind: "Giving to the truly needy."<</font>/P>

10. Dangerous substances i.e. marijuana: "As opposed to 'safe' substances like Agent Orange, Thalidomide, TCE, etc."

Political, elected, Bill of Rights, politicians, IRS, Terrorist, Censorship