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Gulf War SyndromeMilitary, Vets, Desert Storm, soldiers, DU, contaminated, Deplete Uranium, Iraqi, children, Agent Orange, Dioxin, toxic, chemicals, Vietnam, Korea, Dow, Hooker Chemical, Diamond Alkali, Hercules Powder, dangers

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Congenital birth defects rose from 8 percent before the war to 28 percent after the war(27 )

It took longer for some Desert Storm vets to conceive a child even if they had conceived a child before. When compared to those who didn't serve in the Gulf (28 ).

Final resolution, or more of the same?

In 2008 Gulf War Syndrome was acknowledged by research as with Agent Orange, this could be just a temporary break. To be followed by denial and government treatment of suffers with red tape.

Research into Gulf War Syndrome, has received very little funding an advisory panel of experts and vets want 60 million in annual funding can and it was "national obligation,". Funding for Gulf War Syndrome research funding was cut from 30 million to five million. The report also said "Substantial federal Gulf War research funding has been used for studies that have little or no relevance to the health of Gulf War veterans," (29 ).

At the close of the first decade of the new Millennium a report confirms the existence of Gulf War Syndrome, it said "The extensive body of scientific research now available consistently indicates that 'Gulf War illness' is real, that it is the result of neurotoxic exposures during Gulf War deployment, and that few veterans have recovered or substantially improved with time," and was critical of past studies (that cost over $340 million) of Gulf War Syndrome of being "overly simplistic and compartmentalized." ( 30 ).

Epidemiologist and faculty member at Kansas State University, Manhattan, Lea Steele, Ph.D. said "There's no way to say that [Gulf War illness] is not real at this point,"One quarter of the service personnel have experienced some type of chronic, multi symptom illness since the conflict ended. the committee who filed the report cited around 1,600 sources for its report (31 ).

Research also said "Veterans of the 1990-1991 Gulf War had the distinction of serving their country in a military operation that was a tremendous success, achieved in short order. But many had the misfortune of developing lasting health consequences that were poorly understood and, for too long, denied or trivialized," and also said "Exposure to depleted uranium munitions is not likely a primary cause of Gulf War illness. Questions remain about long-term health effects of higher dose exposures to DU, however, particularly in relation to other health outcomes," (32 ).

"Depleted Uranium (DU)

Research that says DU is safe is based on the unfounded assumption that uranium aerosols, on the battle field are no different from naturally accruing uranium found in nature or industry. Weaponized uranium is very different from natural uranium. It should be noted that in 2000 NATO announced, it had used DU in the Balkans soon illnesses like GWS started showing up in some soldiers, staff of human rights groups and residents in the area (33 ).

Researchers in 2008 noted that during the previous two years in Afghanistan health problems doubled. One doctor said "We have premature births and malformations," and added "Malformations include neural tube defects and malformation of limbs; for example, the head is smaller than normal, or the head is larger than normal, or there is a big mass on the back of the baby. We don't know what is the cause of these malformations,". This is after coalition forces used DU weapons in their 2001 invasion. The president of Canadian based Uranium Medical Research Centre (UMRC) may also cause as symptoms of muscular-skeletal pains, immune system disorders, lung disease, and eventually cancer. ( 34 ).

Veteran who assisted in the clean up of DU weapons in Iraq showed evidence of uranium isotopes in their urine. They also had numerous health complaints involving the immune system, respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts, kidneys, two had died of lung cancer. Also just about all of the Iraqis who were in Bagdad during the shock and awe phase of the Iraq war had evidence of DU in their urine (35 ).

Unlike uranium, DU grows more radio active over time, peaking after 1 million years( 36 ).


Military, Vets, Desert Storm, soldiers, DU, contaminated, Deplete Uranium, Iraqi, children, Agent Orange, Dioxin, toxic, chemicals, Vietnam, Korea, Dow, Hooker Chemical, Diamond Alkali, Hercules Powder, dangers