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Muslim Jewish terrorist Palestinian Arabs Christian Iraq AfghanistanHate in the name of the most holy.

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In 2008, for the third time in two years hundreds of graves of Muslim war veterans have been defaced with spray-painted Swastikas and anti-Muslim slogans. Just about all the 576 graves at Notre Dame de Lorette military cemetery, near Arras had been defaced(6 ).

Graves have been found of Muslim fighters who were fleeing to Muslim held area in north of Bosnia. 12,000 Muslims started this trek, thousands survived but still thousands more were caught or captured and shot. 6,000 remain missing and are presumed dead (7 ).

The Netherlands is seeing a dramatic upswing in anti Muslims violeince according to Leiden University and the Anne Frank Foundation. It rose from 62 in 2006 to 82 in 2007 (8 ).

Research into Jewish terrorism from 1980 to 1984 showed that Jewish terrorist in Israel had 30 incidents in 1980 in 1981, 69 in 1982, 119 in 1983, and 118 in 1984. The number of Palestinians killed was 23 with 101 injured. An Jewish terror group called TNT (Terror against Terror). TNT first big bombing operation was against three Palestinian. Researchers noted the group was broken up but the extremism remained. On March 18, 1999 a Jewish man was banished from Israel for planning to blow up mosques on the Haram al-Sharif (9 ).

Members of the Jewish terrorist group called "Bat Ayin" they bombed an Palestinian school in east Jerusalem that injured a teacher and four students, and are responsible for a shooting ambush of a Palestinian car that killed three Palestinians (10 ).

On August 24 2003 nine Israelis were arrested for being part of a Jewish terror cell that were responsible for attacks on Arabs, these attacks lasted for two years (11 ).

In 2008 Nigerian Police and troops carried out more than 90 summary executions while trying to quell religious and political rioting. Only two of the 90 plus were not Muslim (12 )

Anti Christian

9-year-old, Razia Masih who worked as a maid in a Muslim house in the town of Faisalabad Pakistan beaten and raped. This was done in retaliation to the US invasion of Iraq. "The family [that she worked for] would call her into the TV room and start torturing her. Her skin was burned by the irons, her body wounded by a cricket bat and a medical report showed 15 wounds on her body. According to Shabazz Bhatti, chairman of the All Pakistan Minorities Alliance. He also said they told her, 'You are Christian and infidel, and we will take revenge on you for the killings of Iraqi children.'(13 ).

In post invasion Iraq attacks on Christians increased numerous churches have been bombed. Some of these bombings have coincided with services killing and injuring worshipers (14 ).

Attacks on Christians also occur in Afghanistan and other parts of the Middle East(15 ).

Christians and Muslims generally live together in peace in Nigeria. But clashes between both have killed 200 people in 2008 (16 ).

Muslim Jewish terrorist Palestinian Arabs Christian Iraq Afghanistan

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