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Indian, militant, mosque, Wiccan, killed, bible, ChristianHate in the name of the most holy.

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Also In 2002 Police and the Indian Army were powerless to stop Hindu-Muslim rioting and violence killed hundreds of people (46 ).

A Dispute over the location of a temple cause a clash that killed 2000 people. The cause? militant Hindus destroyed a mosque because it's believed that an Islamic Mugal emperor destroyed a Hindu temple and place a Mosque in its place (47 ).

Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in Indian-controlled Kashmir in protest of a government plan to build Hindu settlements in a Muslim-majority region. Three people had bee killed as a result of the rioting (48 ).

anti Wiccan

A woman in Papua New Guinea was bound, gagged and tied to a log and set on fire on a pile of tires, because its believed that the villagers suspected her of being a witch. Her death is part of a growing list of people who have been accused sorcery then tortured or killed in New Guinea (49 ).

A Wiccans doing their spring equinox ceremony were disrupted by blaring music and people shouting bible verses (50 ).

eveyone else

A gunman in Colorado planned to kill everyone who wasn't Christian. Derik Bonestroo, shot and killed the resort manger and was hear to proclaim "If you're not Christian, you're going to die," (51 ).

Indian, militant, mosque, Wiccan, killed, bible, Christian