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The Veterans Administration was created in 1930. First the main focus was mainly medical assistance and retirement benefits. Those benefits where expanded in 1944 when the GI bill of rights was created, and offered, federally guaranteed loans for housing, farms and businesses, unemployment stipends, and education benefits(1 ).

An article crowed about the vast improvements to the VA Medical care system. The article said that in the 1990's "just visit any Veterans Administration hospital. You'll find filthy conditions, shortages of everything, and treatment bordering on barbarism."(2 ).

Though many VA care facilities still give excellent care, this excellence is not across the board.

Walter Reed is a primarily military hospital, where the surgery is excellent, in fact four fifths of amputations of troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan happen there. What happens after is a different story. An out patient building showed "Signs of neglect are everywhere: mouse droppings, belly-up cockroaches, stained carpets, cheap mattresses." and the bureaucracy seemed insurmountable (3 ).

A report of the condition of VA Hospitals showed the presence of rodents and bugs, chronic leaks, and dilapidated furniture. US Senator Edward Kennedy said, "This report highlights conditions that are unacceptable, and we must fix these problems immediately," and continued "The findings are just one more reason why the Veterans Administration needs additional funding and increased oversight. Our veterans and soldiers deserve medical facilities that match their enormous sacrifices."(4 ).

The already overwhelmed Veterans Administration is in danger of collapsing unless under the burden of caring for medical and psychological needs of Veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan according to a study report in 2007(5 ).

Thousands of Vets who partook in a routine medicinal procedure, needlessly had their health endangered sue to improper medical procedures. Vets, who underwent colonoscopies and gastrointestinal procedures had been exposed to pathogens due to improperly sterilized equipement (6 ).

A study showed that fewer than half of VA facilities selected at random had properly sterilized medical equipment used to perform colonoscopies (7 ).

The fallout, as of August 3 2009 8 patients have tested positive for HIV, 12 for hepatitis B, and 37 for hepatitis C (8 ).

Since the scandal (colonoscopies/ gastrointestinal) that endangered 10,000 VA Patients lives and health the VA Administration facilities had unannounced inspections and all found to be in compliance (9 ).

Over 2,100 diabetic patients treated (between August 2007 and January 2009) at Beaumont Army Medical Center are at risk for hepatitis or HIV. Because of flawed insulin injections, the flaw is injection pens may have been used on multiple people (151 151 Army: Insulin error put 2,100 patients at risk The Associated Press Feb. 5, 2009,)

92 vets received wrong doses of radiation during treatment for prostate cancer. These errors happen for a six year period at a VA Medical Center in Philadelphia (10 ).


Military, Soldiers, VA, troops, Hospitals, Veterans Administration, vets, Bush, disabled vets, American Legion