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Bush Promised A group called the Coalition of Retired Military Veterans "that if he were elected, he'd see that any promises made to military members upon entering military service would be kept,". Chairman Jim Gunn said "pissed off at [Bush] because he screwed us."(34 ).

National commander of the American Legion Ronald F. Conley, said "It would send the wrong message to today's troops, whom the president will order to fight for freedom in Iraq, to continue to rob disabled military retirees of their full and justly earned benefits,"(35 ).

A Bush draft Budget that cut health care for sick and disabled Vets ( Disabled American Veterans/DAV ) DAV National Commander Edward R. Heath, "You are asking veterans to swallow a bitter pill to remedy an illness of your own making," in a letter to US Congressman Jim Nussle "Cutting already under funded veterans' programs to offset the costs of tax cuts is indefensible and callous."(36 ).

Rep. Ronnie Shows (D-Miss.) referencing possibly sending troops to Iraq said, "How can we expect to recruit troops for the conflict we are about to wage if we continue the cycle of broken promises?"(37 ).

Speaking on a possible presidential veto of the senate measure, Harry Reid (D- Nevada) said "Let everyone here in the Senate decide who they want to support: the president's people or the veterans of their states." (38 ). Reid also said about asking service personnel to go fight "we must send a signal to these brave men and women that the American people and government take care of those who make sacrifices for the nation.". Mr Reid was confident that they could override a presidential veto( 39 ).

Sen. Byron Dorgan, (D-N.D.), said the United States should keeps its promise to Veterans. Byron said "One of those promises is to say that if you earn a retirement we will pay you that retirement," He continued "If you are disabled because of your service to our country, you are entitled to that disability payment. It's just that simple."(40 ).

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Military, Soldiers, VA, troops, Hospitals, Veterans Administration, vets, Bush, disabled vets, American Legion