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Honor killingHonor killing, female, rape, Jordan, Jail, Islam, Islamic, religion

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Authorities in 2008 said that in the Iraqi city of Basra honor killing rose 70 percent over the past year (18 ).

Abdel-Qader formed a friendship with 22 year old infantrymen, when here family discovered this she was suffocated and then hacked by a knife by her father. Abdel-Qader Ali was arrested for the incident but was released without charge (19 ).

One Iraqi teenager said "My father used to be so open and believe in women's freedom .... Some years ago, he started to change his attitude to many things .... I am now not even allowed to go out with trousers outside our home .... All fathers in Iraq are doing the same in order to protect their daughters from the risks of becoming victims of bad rumors" (20 ).

A young Kurdish-Swedish Fadime Sahindal who attended a Swedish university was shot dead on 21 January 2002 by her father when her father was visiting her in Uppsala Sweden. Her father said Fadime had shamed her father and brother by rejecting an arranged marriage. She had shamed her family in 1998 when she filed charges that her father and brother had threatened to kill her. The Court gave her afather a suspended sentence and her brother probation(21 ).

January 7, 2006 an Islamic court in Tehran gave a death sentence to a 18 year old girl who's first name was Nazanin. She stabbed an assailant when she was defending her and her 16 year old niece when three men tried to rape them(22 ).

An unmarried women was killed in Jordan after she had given birth to her baby. Her killer was her cousin, the reason for the murder was to cleanse his families honor. Killer had his brother had rushed in into the women's hospital room and shot her six times. The baby who was laying next to the mother was unharmed(23 ).

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Honor killing, female, rape, Jordan, Jail, Islam, Islamic, religion