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Honor killingHonor killing, female, rape, Jordan, Jail, Islam, Islamic, religion

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Both Amina 18 and Sarah 17 were shot dead in Irving, Texas USA On New Years day 2008. Their great aunt Gail Gartrell, "This was an honor killing.". the killer was their father Yaser Abdel Said. Yaser threatened to kill the girls after he found out they had boyfriends. Their mother fleed with the girls "because she knew he would carry out die threat." According to MS Gartrell (24 ).

In Atlanta Georgia 25 year old Sandeela Kanwal was the victim of a honor killing. The perpetrator and her father Chaudry Rashid he said his daughter was not "being true to her religion." (25 ).

In Germany a man born in Afghanistan killed his sister because she was living a western lifestyle. Ahmad Obeidi promised he only wanted to talk at a late night meeting, but he took a knife and stabbed his sister Morsal 23 times (26 ).

A sixteen female rape victim in Jordan turned to Police for protection against her family. The Police signed a statement he would not harm the girl, she was returned home her brother shot her four times in the head. He spent six months in Jail. Her brother released this statement to the news "I shouldn't have been in prison for a minute. If she had stayed alive, everyone in our family would have hung his head in shame. A girl is like a glass plate. Take a glass plate and throw it on the floor and it breaks. Would it be any use anymore or not? A girl is just like that. If she has been violated, she's finished" (27 ).

A Jordan man was arrested for the stabbing death of his older sister because he believed she was having an affair (28 ).

Israeli Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar son kidnapped and beat a 17 year old for having contact with his 18 year old sister. Contact between unmarried men and women is frowned upon in the ultra-Orthodox Jews( 29 ).

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Honor killing, female, rape, Jordan, Jail, Islam, Islamic, religion