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Honor killingHonor killing, female, rape, Jordan, Jail, Islam, Islamic, religion

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A 15 year old Muslim in Israel admitted murdering his twenty year old sister. The teen killed his sister for her expressed wish to leave home more often and a purchase of a cell phone (30 ).

A Christian in Palestine was beaten to death by her father for falling in love with a Muslim boy, and there by disgracing her family (31 ).

A court in Turkey sentence five members of the same family to life in prison for the 2006 honor killing of Naile Erda who became pregnant as a result of a rape (32 ).

A couple decided to marry outside their "caste" (social status) in India. The girl was wealthier than the man. The result was an honor killing of eight members of the mans family that were killed by the woman's family (33 ).

In May of 2008 a married couple in India were murdered for marrying within the same village, which is considered taboo in many communities in India (34 ).

In the USA a father shot his daughter and his daughters former lover to death. The reason for the shooting Gurparkash Khalsa planned to restore his daughters honor, she planned to marry someone of a "lower class", so he shot both of them. Both families were members of the local Sikh community (35 ).


Honor killing, female, rape, Jordan, Jail, Islam, Islamic, religion