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Honor killing, Killing, women, ird, Sharaf, honor, UNIFEM, Afghanistan, Iraq, KurdistanHonor killing

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Honor Killing is killing of a family member, a usually women to defend the families honor. Though the same "code" applies to men. Men are rarely victims of honor killing (1 ).

This is seen as a Middle Eastern problem.

There are two types of honor in Arab society sharaf and `ird. Sharaf, is related to a social unit like a family or tribe. It can increase or decrease. It is decreased for unacceptable Moral conduct it can be increased by good behavior `ird, relates to women and it can only decrease and is basically like the western concept of Chastity or Purity (2 ).

The cultures that influence permissibility of honor killings, permeate all factions of the culture. Eva Zatari a Christian in Syria dream of going to school in France, but she would have to go alone and is female, it doesn't matter if she's 24 or not her family forbid her from going. She said "Christian families in the Middle East can be very traditional and very strict with their daughters,". Note of the 18 honor killings Jordan in 2008, one was known to be a Christian honor killing (3 ).

Though it's seen as an Arab or Middle Eastern problem the problem spans across the Globe.

Countries that have reported honor killings to the UN are Bangladesh, Great Britain, Brazil, Ecuador, Egypt, India, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Pakistan, Morocco, Sweden, Turkey, and Uganda. This is far from complete list of countries where honor killings occur (4 ).

Though American politicians proclaim liberation In Iraq and Afghanistan consider the following quote from the United Nations Organization UNIFEM (U.N. Development Fund for Women) executive director Noeleen Heyzer, said about womens space in public forums "What UNIFEM is seeing on the ground - in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia - is that public space for women in these situations is shrinking," she continued "Women are becoming assassination targets when they dare defend women's rights in public decision-making." (5 ).

A report by Amnesty International said that Honor Killing "[i]n Pakistan, hundreds of women, of all ages, in all parts of the country and for a variety of reasons connected with perceptions of honor are killed every year. The number of such killings appears to be steadily increasing as the perception of what constitutes honor-and what damages it-steadily widens" (6 ).

Honor killing, Killing, women, ird, Sharaf, honor, UNIFEM, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kurdistan