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Iraq present and futureinvasion, Iraqis, Americans, Iraq, US troops, Liberty, justice, casualties, Sharia, fundamentalist Islamic law, constitution

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The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq release a report on human rights in Iraq for the first six months of 2008 it said "Many detainees have been deprived of their liberty for months or even years, often under harsh physical conditions, without access to defense counsel and without being formally charged with any crime. Continuing widespread ill-treatment and torture of detainees by Iraqi law enforcement authorities and continuing impunity of current and past human rights abuses constitutes severe breaches of international human rights obligations and remain of major concern."(6 ).

George Bush had shoes thrown at him by an Iraqi reporter, Laura Bush citing more freedom she said "I know that if Saddam Hussein had been there the man wouldn't have been released, and he probably would've been executed," (7 ).

If the same thing happened, when Saddam ruled, Saddam would not have executed the shoe thrower. Saddam didn't like the USA or Bush. Let's get the concept credit. You can now throw shoes in Iraq. But, what about the violence crime religious extremist? Honor killing, intolerance for others beliefs, etc.

It should be noted that the reporter appeared to be beaten after this incident by Iraqi security personnel (8 ).

To close this out the Journalist (Muntadhar al-Zaidi) who threw his shoes at Bush was sentenced to three years. When this was announced some shouted in the court "You're a hero, Muntadhar!" and others "Down with Bush!" and others cried. The sentiment in Iraq is 62 percent believe the shoe thrower is a hero and 24 percent believe he is a criminal (9 ).

The U.S. State Department's "Trafficking in Persons Report,", showed concern over trafficking in Iraq. The report said Baghdad "offers no protection services to victims of trafficking, reported no efforts to prevent trafficking in persons and does not acknowledge trafficking to be a problem in the country.". Human Rights Minister Wijdan Mikhail Salim, said "Let's say it was a tough report about the situation in Iraq, and in so many cases it was right,". Iraq is working on solving this problem (10 ).


In an ominous note Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki has been systematically firing over sight official in the Iraqi government that were installed by the Americans in a hope to end notoriously opaque and graft-ridden bureaucracy in Iraq. Iraqi officials have denied any political motives in the firings. Recently a former chief investigator told the US Congress that 13 billion in reconstruction funds from the USA have been lost to fraud, embezzlement theft and waste by Iraqi government officials (11 ).

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invasion, Iraqis, Americans, Iraq, US troops, Liberty, justice, casualties, Sharia, fundamentalist Islamic law, constitution