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Iraq present and futureinvasion, Iraqis, Americans, Iraq, US troops, Liberty, justice, casualties, Sharia, fundamentalist Islamic law, constitution

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An unpublished federal report said the reconstruction of Iraq is a 100 billion dollar failure. The reason for the failure is bureaucratic infighting, ignorance of basic elements of Iraqi society and waves of violence in Iraq. The pentagon attempted to cover up this failure by inflating numbers(12 ).

In 2009 members of the Parliament in Iraq attempted to prosecute a perceived nest of corruption in the Iraqi Trade Ministry. This lead to fifteen minute a gun battle between ministry officials and Iraqi soldiers (13 ).

Later former trade minister Abdul Falah al-Sudany was arrested and the plane he was flying to Dubai was ordered to turn around. An economic analyst Ghazi al-Kinani said about the Iraqi situation "Financial and administrative corruption is more dangerous than terrorism because terrorism kills a person or two or even 100, but corruption kills millions by depriving them of projects, from getting access to good quality medicine ... and it does not encourage international investors,"(14 ).

The Threat of fraud is a very real danger to the Iraqi government. The interior minister Jawad Bolani said "Corruption is a phenomenon that forms a real threat to the structure of the state,". commander of American forces in Iraq General Ray Odierno said "The endemic corruption within the Iraqi system - not only the security forces, but the system - is still probably the biggest problem facing Iraq," (15 ).

Sharia, Iraq score one for the fundis

Many feel that Islamic law ( Sharia) has been too influenced by mostly ultra conservative males defining what the laws mean. The law is defined by eight madhhabs ( Islamic schools of jurisprudence ) they define everything from criminal to family law. (16 ).

Sharia laws are interpreted from the Koran, and Sunnah that are the words and way of life of Prophet Muhammad. It places all human actions into five groups obligatory, recommended, permitted, disliked and forbidden (17 )

In a closed door session the Governing Council the nations generally liberal family laws and replace them with Sharia. An Iraqi retired female judge Zakia Ismael Hakki said about this move, "This new law will send Iraqi families back to the Middle Ages. It will allow men to have four or five or six wives. It will take children away from their mothers. It will allow anyone who calls himself a cleric to open an Islamic court in his house and decide about who can marry and divorce and have rights. We have to stop it."(18 ).

It wasn't stopped and is now in Iraqi constitution

Post Saddam Iraq has seen women being made to cover up when they go out, shops selling alcohol have been forced to close, hair salons have been burned down (19 ).

The surge=Increased peace?

Iraq is more peaceful now, though we hear about the surge, we don't hear about other factors that also contributed to the decrease in violence. One factors is the concrete walls that were built to separate the Sunni and Shiite (20 ).

A second and more important factor is called "Anbar Awakening". The "Anbar Awakening" happened when tens of thousands of Sunnis turned against al-Qaeda and join US forces. A sub cause of this is the over all incompetence of al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda members performed forced marriages with women of local tribes, took over hospitals, mortared playgrounds, use mosques to behead people, left beheaded bodies on the streets with signs that said "Don't remove this body or the same thing will happen to you."(21 ).

al-Qaida has trained children for suicide bombing attacks, these children under the age of 14 are called "Birds of Paradise"(22 ).

A political party in Iraq called the "Awakening Conference" this was born from the need to uproot al Qaeda and other militants from Anbar province in western Iraq. Its head Sheikh Ahmed Abu Risha said "If we want a unified Iraq, we must work in that direction, on unifying Sunnis and Shi'ites to build one country," and "Al Qaeda's aim is for no one to stand with the government in future." (23 ).

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invasion, Iraqis, Americans, Iraq, US troops, Liberty, justice, casualties, Sharia, fundamentalist Islamic law, constitution