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Islam, terrorism, Quran, Muslim, religious, extremist, peaceIslam against terrorIslam, terrorism, Quran, Muslim, religious, extremist, peace

Four days after the declaration (fatwa) of Deoband against terrorism , a regional wing of Ahle Hadees school of Islamic thought, Subai Jamiat Ahle Hadees launched a virtual jihad against terrorism. The president of the organization Jamiat Ahle Hadees (Maharashtra) said "Islam is the very anti-thesis of terrorism. The religion came to this world to finish `fasad fil arz' (terror on the earth). The Quran very clearly says that killing of an innocent is akin to killing entire humanity and to save an innocent's life is like saving mankind,''(14 ).

In February 2009 a group of Muslim religious scholars (ulema) in India came out against strongly terrorism. they declared bombings anti Islamic. Maulana Mehmood Madni said "Jihad and terrorism are poles apart. Jihad is a constructive phenomenon while terrorism is based on destruction,"(15 ).

138 Muslim leaders from across the globe came out against Muslim extremists who use violence. It was renounced in a letter to Christians and it was also endorse by 163 other Muslims. These Muslims are from all schools and sects that represent mainstream Islam. (16 ).

The following can apply to Muslims and everyone else. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu who is known as the worlds top diplomat for Islam said "Attempts to equate Islam with terrorism should be stopped. Stereotyping and demonization of Muslims should be combated,".Stereotyping and demonizing only help and empower enemies of peaceful religious practice (17 ).

Muslim and Turkish President Abdullah Gul said there is need to separate Islam and terrorism. He made these remarks to the Saudi Shura Council. He said also Islam is a religion of tolerance, peace, love and fraternity and has nothing to do with terrorism. (18 ).

In Indonesia 2009 5,000 Muslims gathered to fight terrorism. Ahmad Sukino, chairs the Koran interpretation assembly said "Islam doesn't teach terrorism and terrorism cannot be connected with Islam," (19 ).

Muslim fight for America. Of America's Active duty troops 3,557 reported their religious belief to be Muslim. Their service overall isn't any better or worse than their counterparts (20 ).


Islam, terrorism, Quran, Muslim, religious, extremist, peace