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Lyndon LaRoucheLyndon LaRouche, LaRouche, raided, enforcement officers, fraud, Prison

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But the golden rule doesn't apply to Lyndon.

This could be due to in part by his paranoia. When a former cell mate ( because of a 1980's tax charge) televangelist Jim Bakker said about LaRouche "To say that Lyndon was slightly paranoid," he added "would be like saying the Titanic had a bit of a leak."(46 ).

LaRouche's "Operation Mop-Up." happened in New York City and other cities in 1973-1974. This operation consisted of a attacks of on revival groups using metal pipes, clubs and martial arts devices known as nunchuks. LaRouche claims his followers were acting in self-defense(47 ).

LaRouche denounces (by way of his media) people who are critical of him, he calls them commies, homosexuals, drug pushers or international terrorists. An example of this is he Leesburg Garden Club as a "nest" of Soviet sympathizers. Another is one lawyer went into hiding after he opposed LaRouche on zoning matters, he received menacing calls and a death threats(48 ).

A member of LaRouche's Executive Intelligence Review publication said on Lebanese TV that Jews spread AIDS, SARS, mad cow, and other diseases (49 ).

LaRouche claimed the British were are fault for food and energy hyperinflation. This hyperinflation threatened to kill billions. He added "without first considering Prince Philip and the late Prince Bernhard's stated committment to wipe out 80% of the human population, through a combination of wars, diseases and famine. If Prince Philip, and his slavish followers like Al Gore were to succeed, the population of the planet would be reduced, in the next several generations, to well-under two billion people." (50 ).

LaRouche and expression

In a 1978 pamphlet LaRouche said the Beatles "had no genuine musical talent, but were a product shaped according to British Psychological Warfare Division specifications,"(51 ).

LaRouche followers are ones to pass up a chance to exploit misery to push their own agenda. They claimed that Video games contributed "mightily" to the School shootings in Littleton, Paducah, and Jonesboro. It also claimed that these games are turning kids into "Manchurian Candidate" programmed for terrorism (52 ).

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Lyndon LaRouche, LaRouche, raided, enforcement officers, fraud, Prison