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Lyndon LaRoucheLyndon LaRouche, LaRouche, raided, enforcement officers, fraud, Prison

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Though LaRouche believes all current media is out to get to wreck European and American culture (53 ).He defines this culture as Bach, Beethoven, and etc. In the LaRouche world all forms of art, to include music is not subjective. In his world we would listen to only what he and his followers would approve.

neo messiah, LaRouche

LaRouche has repeatedly gave warnings of economic doom. Not one event, but soon as the one he predicted didn't happens he predicts another (54).

In 1999 LaRouche said "We are in the worst financial crisis in the 20th century. The economy is coming down, and it's coming down fast. No one knows when the market will collapse. There is no cure or correction,". He believed the government should be prepared answer the question. "Will there be a new financial monetary system to replace the old one?"(55 ).

Enter law enforcement

On a dawn day October 1986 over 275 armed federal, state and local law enforcement officers raided LaRouche's Leesburg operations. LaRouche and six followers were later arrested and convicted for numerous felonies coming from their aggressive fund raising operations (56).

An example of LaRouche fraud is, LaRouche follower Molly Kronberg helped open New Benjamin Franklin Publishing House. She got a loan from a Wall Street economist for 75,000.00 for republishing the works of a nineteenth century economists, an economist who the loaner admired. But "the only books that were published were by or about LaRouche.". She was put on trial and convicted of defrauding lenders in 1989 (57).

While in Prison, in 1992 LaRouche ran for president and the American taxpayers help pay his way. The Federal Election Commission awarded him federal campaign matching funds (58 ).

Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. was convicted and sentenced to fifteen years in prison for fraud (59 ). After serving five years on a fifteen year sentence LaRouche was released from prison. Directly after his release taken to a secluded mansion near the community of Round Hill (60 ).

Soon he returned to his antics, considering the above paragraph, its hard to believe he's an outsider to the powers that be.


Lyndon LaRouche, LaRouche, raided, enforcement officers, fraud, Prison