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Many seem to be gloating over the demise of the right. Yet, gloating was done by the right over the demise of the left just a few years ago. It's hard to believe, but people and media seemed to believe the only thing left, for the left was a wake. It was well beyond the point of no return.

The some members of the right fought hard, real hard, squashing any dissent, as un-American, and etc.

Now, the same reports are given about the right, and many people, who include experts, are saying what was said about the left just a few years ago, and we will see the same results.

I am sure that the left will also try to also squash dissent, though by a different tact but with the same results.

Ideology loyalist, can't seem to realize that dissent, means you disagree on specific aspects of policies, many times it means nothing more. Could it be that Ideology loyalist of either dogma, can't be questioned because they don't know the answers.

With all this in mind here's information on the Liberal/Democratic ideology.

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