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yyouth, violence, Aggression, media, aggressive, violenceCauses of youth violenceyouth, violence, Aggression, media, aggressive, violence

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What is at the root of youth violence?

Aggression isn't bad in fact it's a normal response. This is along as it is within certain parameters (1 ). I am not arguing that a parent shouldn't monitor a child's media consumption, or even limiting preventing youths from consuming certain media. Parenting is supposed to be a contact sport, contact with your child and the things that may reflect a child wellbeing. A child who is appears to be obsessed with media, might have deeper problems. That should be address. The whole debate over media and its impact seems to over simplify life. Life and how we react to it is much more complicated, than that.

Children learn their values at school and home. Around the age of five children are to make moral decisions(2 ).

Families play an important role, because the families social influence can sway a Child's aggressive behavior (3 ).

Still other factors can cause violence. The way overly aggressive people brains operate in a different way. Imaging of peoples brains show the section of the brain that is associated with rewards "lit up" when aggressive boys watched a video of someone inflicting pain. (4 ).

youth, violence, Aggression, media, aggressive, violence