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violent, media, TV, broadcast, FCC, The Parents Television Council, PTC, violence Media trendsviolent, media, TV, broadcast, FCC, The Parents Television Council, PTC, violence

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When trying to determine what effect violent media has on the population. We must establish how much they are exposed to and trends.

Research has shown that even in the information age broadcast TV is still the King of all media consumed (1 ).

Now we have to track levels of violence in broadcast TV. To do this I chose the Parents Television Council, as a group that would gage violence in the media. Mainly because they seem to be a power house in this area. Any group that can be responsible for 99.8 percent of "indecency complaints" to the FCC. Isn't a "mom and pop" operation (2 ).

A Comparison by PTC of Prime Time Sex, Language, and Violence in 1989 and '99. The overall level of violence did not changed between the spring of 1993 and the fall of 2001 (3 ).

The Parents Television Council (PTC) did a study of the 2000-01 TV season called "The Sour Family Hour" . The report showed "huge increases in coarse language," up 78 percent compared with the last study in 1998-99. TV violence was up a whopping 70 percent in the two years since the previous study (4 ).

TV's Violent content jumped from 1998 to 2006 by 75 percent (5 ).

Things look bad and getting worse.

Things got even worse in 2006 and 2007 a study found that violence on TV increased over 52.4% and sex had increased over 22.1%(6 ).

Just when you though it couldn't get any sleazier Americans with their plucky can do attitude did it. In 2009 the Parents Television Council said violence against women was up 120 percent in the past five years, with an overall increase in violence of over two percent (7 ).

The media reflects these views with quotes such as this quote "News reports across the country reflect a growing trend among America's children--a willingness to commit violent acts. Teenagers and even younger kids are the perpetrators of an increasing number of vicious crimes, including incidents in which parents,classmates, and teachers have been murdered. The rest of the population find themselves shaking their heads and wondering, 'What went wrong?' " (8 ).

Please go to my"Real view of media and violence"section to see the outcome of this.

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