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Violence and the media the lack of cause and effect?

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One unpublished study done by the Washington State Healthy Youth Survey showed increased aggression in 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th graders who played video games for 4 or more hours each day. But when depression and parental involvement where considered this increase disappeared. Researcher Van Eenwyk. said, "I think that playing games 4 hours a day is a symptom, and these kids need help with social, emotional, and family issues rather than regulation for games." (20 ). Could violent video games be a symptom and not a cause? Research has shown that people who are most attracted to violent video games had higher aggressive traits, were lower in empathy (21 ).

University of Southern California sociologist Karen Sternheimer who has studied video game violence after experts blamed the video game Doom for the Columbine High School shootings. She said disputing the assertion of killer video games "A symphony of events controls violence," and "It was a tragic and, very fortunately, rare event and it was discouraging to see that the conversation often started and stopped at video games."(22 ). One researcher found no increase in aggression when payers shifted between non-aggressive, moderately aggressive and highly aggressive video games (23 ). Other research showed no connection between and anti social behavior and violent video games(24 ).

research has shown that video gaming does not cause social isolation. Gamers continued with activities like outdoor and sport activities (25 ).

One in five gamers felt moderately or strongly video games were a way to make new freinds as well as help them improve existing friendships. Two thirds said games was not an influence in taking way time from family and friends(26 ).

video, Youth, increased aggression, violent video, games, killer, social isolation, addiction

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